5 Tips for Every Mobile Strike Beginners Must Know

Mobile Strike is a free game where you mostly do base building. During the beginning, you’ll have to research, build, and upgrade your buildings. As you have fortified your base, start raiding others’ bases and attack all those rebels. Form an alliance and reap the rewards you deserve!

New to the game? Here are some tips and tricks to help you out!

1. To get materials, you may want to occupy resource tiles. You may see them in your world map. If you see the map icon on the bottom left part of the screen, tap it and look for the resource tiles. They could give you extra resources and a chance to discover materials. Some of these are items you could use in making body armor, weapons, helmets, and accessories for your armory. Keep in mind though that you should be certain that the resource tile is unoccupied. Be careful as you may get trapped by some forces so come with your best units. Upon occupying a tile, your troops would collect up to their limit and they would go back to base afterwards. It would be a good idea to target high class resources for advanced materials and they drain faster.

2. Complete alliance challenges to earn rewards. We are talking about leaderboard rewards here. Complete the tasks appearing on alliance, state, extreme, and basic challenges. Focus on alliance and basic challenges. The latter comprise of solo challenges which allows global players to play and earn points. All team members can do tasks and earn points which may then be added later on to the total score which usually has a target. If you happen to be the leader of the alliance, you can message your team on how you want things to be.

3. Make sure to max out the defenses of your walls. Upgrade them to protect your base and upgrade your headquarters. Defend your base efficiently from enemy attacks too. Build traps such as trip wires, barbed wires, and sandbags to name a few. Just tap on a trap and move the slider to maximum level or a number that you can. Unlock other traps by researching them in the research facility.

4. Access the newly released Mobile Strike gold generator  to generate unlimited gold on demand. This online hack tool was designed for ease of use in mind and negates the need for farming for gold. Save time and money by using the Mobile Strike gold hack.

5. Ask speed assists from your alliance members. This is one of the advantages of having an alliance. Help each other build, research, and upgrade to level up. As your headquarters’ level goes up, timer assists would be possible. Help in speeding this up and your teammates might return the favor. Help each other since this is the only way you could reap the great rewards of having a team.

6. Save speed ups for upgrades that could take a long time. Usually, speed ups are in 15 and 10-minute denominations. There are also 60-minute ones. You can look for them in Items>My Items. Remember, use your speed ups wisely.

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