Mobile Strike Beginners Strategy Guide for Getting Free Gold

In the Mobile Strike game, gold is the main currency. Here are different strategies in getting free gold without using Mobile Strike cheats or hack.

1. Build a gold mine to serve as your resource building

This is the primary way to generate free gold. This would require you at least 1 resource plot but this is good for a long term basis. The gold mine could also be linked to your Facebook account so you could give gold to your friends. Such gifts can be given out every 24 hours.

You may want to consider creating another Facebook account just for gaming purposes. With this, you can avoid annoying all your friends by just adding your friends who play Mobile Strike. Remember, linking a gold mine to a Facebook account is irreparable. Before linking, make sure that it is really safe and you are sure that the linking would be possible. Use the same e-mail address for your EW and Facebook account to be extra sure.

Having a level 1 of gold mine would allow you to receive 10 gold five times a day. To upgrade your gold mine, you need 1000 gold and this would allow you another chance to receive a gift. Using Mobile Strike gold generator, you can likely double that. Each upgrade gives you a hundred days to recoup so only consider upgrading your gold mine if you are sure that you would play the game for more than 3 months.

2. Pick up crates whenever possible

You may also obtain gold rewards in picking up blue crates appearing on the city screen’s bottom left part. Collect them whenever they are available.

3. Complete challenges

To get a fairly decent amount of gold, you have to complete challenges. All you have to do is either build a structure, do research, or train your troops. The easiest to do is to train and build. At times, you may want to use speed to bump up to higher tiers of challenge rewards. Perhaps you could do a bit of cost analysis if investing in speed is worth the awards you could receive.

Generally, gold is received in tier 2 or 3 challenge rewards. Epic War, the game’s developer, always changes the challenge requirements. It might not be useful to give a suggestion that would always work but just make sure that you consider the cost all the time. Target extreme challenges to obtain better rewards in terms of speed, gold, and a lot more.

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