Mobile Strike Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mobile Strike is a game that allows you to be a hero like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Build your own base and form elite troops! Utilize assault vehicles as you wage an intelligent and tactical war! This game basically favors arsenals that are best and not the bigger ones. Form efficient defenses, seek alliances, and be the Head of State in no time!

To help you as you go by in the game, here are some FAQs we have collected for you.

  1. How do I start after the tutorial?

Build ten of each resource building. Remember not to overdo it. Build, then demolish, then do another. You will surely get great XPs.

  1. How many farms are advisable to build?

Try having 8. Put some outside your wall. Make sure not to level up your base until all your buildings are on the same level. This would allow you to save XP and as you are waiting for research to complete

  1. What good would research do?

In the low levels, it is wise to put your focus to this. A lot of people think that growing a base means having a lot of troops but this is not the way to go. Total power is more important. Avoid having a lot of troops but without a commander, research power, or building.

  1. What do I have to do with commander gear?

Until you have enough materials to start making higher level ones, forget about commander gear. Try not to waste materials on grey, green, white, orange, purple, and blue boosts.

  1. I am running out of food. Should I get worried?

No. Don’t worry too much about this. At some time, you may lack food for your troops and you may have a lot of hungry troops. A trick would be to have an alternate account for food which you may use as a bank.

  1. Is there a way to lower store prices?

None. Just wait for packs on special occasions.

  1. Can I change states?

Only when your base is below level 6.

  1. My app doesn’t load. What should I do?

Check if your connection is active and properly working.

  1. What is “Tile Hitting”?

This is basically attacking someone gathering resources or farming a tile.

  1. Is there a defense against advanced teleporting?

Remember to shield up, have your troops on a fake rally, and don’t leave your resources lying around.