Tips & Tricks for 2016 for Getting More Gold & Upgrades

Mobile Strike is a newcomer game in the MMO strategy scene. From the makers of Game of War: Fire Age, this game is truly something worth trying. Establish your base and form alliances with other players. You could also decimate your enemies if you want. Here are a few tips and tricks that you may need as you get started. Continue Reading


5 Tips for Every Mobile Strike Beginners Must Know

Mobile Strike is a free game where you mostly do base building. During the beginning, you’ll have to research, build, and upgrade your buildings. As you have fortified your base, start raiding others’ bases and attack all those rebels. Form an alliance and reap the rewards you deserve!

New to the game? Here are some tips and tricks to help you out! Continue Reading


Mobile Strike Gold Generator with VIP Hack Tool 2016

Mobile Strike gold generator is the best way to get free gold without having to pay for it. By using the latest hacking technology to exploit and inject the cheat codes directly into the game server, you bypass the need to root or jailbreak your device. Try out the latest release version of the gold generator that also includes the VIP generator on demand. If you want to complete against the top players in the game, using this ingenious tool is the only way to ensure victory.

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Mobile Strike Beginners Strategy Guide for Getting Free Gold

In the Mobile Strike game, gold is the main currency. Here are different strategies in getting free gold without using Mobile Strike cheats or hack.

1. Build a gold mine to serve as your resource building

This is the primary way to generate free gold. This would require you at least 1 resource plot but this is good for a long term basis. The gold mine could also be linked to your Facebook account so you could give gold to your friends. Such gifts can be given out every 24 hours. Continue Reading